Day One, a thank you, and a continued request for support

This is my first post about the UNAH nursing and medical student brigade I am helping to coordinate to Ciriboya. Please donate to the First Garifuna Hospital at Ciriboya to support our trip, and more importantly, the Garífuna community and the radical model for healthcare justice they are creating (any additional funds go directly to the hospital). And THANK YOU to you folks who have already donated.

URGENT *personal* (from me) request for nurse brigade support

I'm helping to organize a solidarity brigade from Jan 7 (tomorrow!) to 13 of 30 nursing and med students from UNAH to Ciriboya, and we're in desperate need of last-minute financial support, since funding I'd thought we'd procured fell through.

New Publication: Revolution as a Care Plan

Pine, Adrienne 2013 Revolution as a Care Plan: Ethnography, Nursing and Somatic Solidarity in Honduras. Social Science & Medicine 99: 143–152.

Absences. Graciela Suazo, and words to describe losing her.

Former LIBRE mayoral candidate and beloved teacher Graciela Suazo Solano was murdered by a single gunman who accosted her outside her residence in La Ceiba on the evening of December 6. He shot her once through the heart and fled. Her cell phone was taken; her laptop and wallet were left in her bag, by her side.

Medios del Pueblo

Check out this great blog by California educators Adriana and Kyle, who have been doing community-based media-making solidarity work in Honduras in recent months:, twitter handle @mediosdelpueblo

Meanwhile in the Aguán, More Military Terror Campaigns Against Campesinos

Call and demand a stop to the terrorization and criminalization of the campesinos.
Colonel German Alfaro Escalante, Commander of Xantruch III: 011-504-3396-4477

Below is an English translation of a MUCA Alert [from Greg McCain] regarding further persecution of campesino leaders of the La Panama community. (El original en español sigue el inglés)

Alert: Operation Xatruch takes up a manhunt of campesino leaders of the Panama community in the Lower Aguan

Testimony of militarization and poll worker intimidation in Copán

El Paraíso Copan, November 25th, 2013
Incident report from German Espinal Zúniga, esq. (my translation)

This report details the events that took place in the Minerva School in the community of La Playona in the municipality of El Paraíso, Copan.

Member of official EU delegation denounces EU elections report

This morning at Toncontín Airport, Austrian anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Leo Gabriel, member of the EU's election observation team, spoke out against the EU's official whitewashing report. Another person on the inside who requested to remain anonymous told me that in fact the majority of the members on the EU observation delegation were not in agreement with the official statement claiming the elections were transparent and fair, but were afraid of losing their jobs and/or future lucrative observation opportunities if they spoke out.

EU observers arriving at the airport:

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