Anyone wanna bid on the drug war?

Y--50KW Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable System
Solicitation Number: W912CL14R0029
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Location: Mission Division (PARC Americas 410th CSB)

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Special Notice
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Don't click on this.

Statistics aren't readily available, but Hospital Escuela doctors, psychologists and nurses tell me that in the past two or three years they've seen a sharp increase in child suicide attempts. Just as we've seen sharp increases in child migration and child murders. So many people here still try to explain it all away as a result of bad single mothering. And somehow the media here thinks it's a good idea to do this. Really, don't click.

Lo real maravilloso: de Ciriboya a Washington

I had the great pleasure of accompanying my fabulous student Beth Geglia to present the film Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital, which she co-directed with the equally lovely and talented Jesse Freeston in Havana two weeks ago. Click HERE to see an article (in Spanish) about one of our Havana events.

CFP: 11th Annual Public Anthropology Conference

American University’s Department of Anthropology
11th Annual Public Anthropology Conference
October 4th & 5th in Washington, DC
“Violence, Resilience, and Resistance”
Call for Participation

Submission deadline: August 1, 2014
Email submissions to:
Register to attend at:

Join us at American University for the 11th annual Public Anthropology Conference.
We invite students, activists, academics, and community members to submit brief

LGBTTI march in Tegucigalpa meets homophobic/transphobic military state

I went to the march de la no homo-lesbo-bi-trans-fobia in Tegucigalpa last Friday. It was a different scene from San Pedro, where I've been to pride marches a few times. San Pedro has a reputation for having bigger, more flamboyant marches, and the community holds the national pride march there instead of in Tegucigalpa because the authorities crack down less.

Not Forgotten: Street Art by SOA Watch (video by Beth Geglia)

Entrevista con Lic. Anibal Duarte

The mayor of Iriona, Aníbal Duarte, was murdered in La Ceiba last Friday. He was a staunch ally of the people in his municipality, and of the First Garifuna Hospital in neighboring Ciriboya. I wrote about his support for our nursing/medical student brigade in January here. His loss is a tragedy for the people of Iriona and of Honduras, and is heartbreaking for me as well.


I was killing time downtown, slowly making my way to the restaurant where I was going to meet some friends. As I walked I overheard a man say to another man "acaban de matar a un hombre por ahí" [a man was just killed over there], nodding his head in the direction I was walking. It didn't affect me much; I took it in like any other piece of information about my surroundings—weather, road conditions, etc. I resumed my internal dialogue where I'd left off.

Article re: January's UNAH nurse/med student solidarity brigade to Ciriboya

Click the below image to see this month's Página al viento, the bulletin of the UNAH Press. I wrote the final article (included as an insert in the print version), which is about our student-led solidarity brigade to Ciriboya. Thanks so much to the UNAH editorial staff for their hard work on this last-minute submission!

The Economist's take on Honduran murder stats

My student sent me a link to an article multiply and oh-so-cleverly titled The odds of being murdered/ Dicing with death/ The UN offers some hints on how to avoid being bumped off from this month's Economist the other day. Below is a special block segment titled "Blood on the page":

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