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As promised in the beginning of my Frak the "policy makers" post and not delivered, I will write some more delayed musings on asylum. One problem with writing this now is that the conversation on which I'm basing it took place five days ago three weeks ago, an eternity for the purposes of writing accurate field notes (given my memory, anyway). Better now than never.

Mercenary Justice and Masculinity in Urban Honduras

Sounds good, eh? That fancy-sounding title is for a 1/2 hour paper I have to give tomorrow at the Visioning the Urban workshop at the Flamenco Hotel in Zamalek. I'm going to attempt to write it now (culling heavily from my book), including references to some of the fantastic papers presented today.

Don Wilmer, the general secretary of Alcoholics Anonymous in Honduras, told me:

Frak the "policy makers"

Two topics here:

  1. My ongoing frustration with the unreflexive defense of statistics-as-progressive-action, and
  2. More on asylum

Now let me get one thing straight here, before I begin. I like numbers. I think some things should be counted. I think numbers can be valuable as a tool in bringing about change. I use numbers all throughout my writing. I have a bloody MA in demography from UC Berkeley.

Topic #1: Asylum

There are several research-related things I'll be working on when I go to Honduras in just two weeks. They include:

  • research on Honduran asylum to the U.S., for a talk in July
  • the corporatization of crime control as it relates to health, for a chapter due late June
  • an article on maquiladoras, due early July
  • research on attitudes toward and enforcement of domestic violence laws, in relation to the first topic
  • possibly doing press for my book

emails from Teto

subject: que bueno que venis
hola adriana
me alegra que vengas por estas tierras del olvido, y estas al tanto mas o menos de la situacion social del pais? es decir la violencia que existe aqui y ahora, tenes que tener mas cuidado que antes.
bueno pero mejor hablamos cuando vengas.

subject: it's nice that you're coming
hi adriana

Bienvenidos a mi blog

This post is a placeholder. I will start blogging seriously in June (2008) when I get to Honduras. I hope you'll visit then and share your comments.

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