Press Conference Today: Hondurans For Democracy Coalition

For Immediate Release:

Hondurans in the Washington, DC Region Create Coalition for Democracy

Ask President Obama to immediately recall the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras.

Washington – The Honduran community in the Washington, D.C. region creates the Hondurans For Democracy Coalition to defend the principles of Democracy in their homeland and condemn the coup government. The Coalition and their allies will gather today at 4pm at the Organization of American States to present a series of demands to the White House.

Photos from today's massacre in Toncontín

Originally posted on the facebook group NO al Golpe de Estado en Honduras

Video of today's deadly military attack on peaceful protestors in Honduras

As the coup government blocked the constitutional president from landing in his country today, its largely U.S.-trained and funded military shot into the massive crowd, killing at least two people. My friend filmed the massacre:

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One journalist killed and another wounded by hired assassins in Honduras

(thanks to Keen for alerting me to this)

• Confirmed by Andrés Pavón by phone link to YVKE Mundial • Murdered journalist is Gabriel Ciro Noriega, from San Juan Pueblo municipality

Luigino Bracci and Patricia Rivas

GABRIEL Ciro Noriega, a journalist from San Juan Pueblo, was killed on Friday night after leaving a television program, according to Andrés Pavón Murillo, president of the Human Rights Defense Committee in Honduras.

Zelaya was overthrown because of his policies that favored the poor

From, by Katherine Hoyt:

If Zelaya was so bad, why are all those people out in the streets demanding his return? The reasons you never hear in our media

From the Nicaragua Network

Day seven (last night) from Oscar, my translation

Puta I am tired. I have been waiting for the OAS resolution in which they discuss suspending Honduras from the organization. The de facto government of Micheletti tried yesterday to decounce the organization, since it's not an internationally recognized authority, but it didn't work. All of this is ridiculous. The right is shouting sovereignty and independence. In the morning on the national channel Cardenal Rodriguez gave a speech taking a position in favor of the coup, calling for peace and "sanity" which in his terms mean that the people should let others decide for it.

Persecution of Zelaya's cabinet in Honduras

What is being engineered right now is really ugly. I see a U.S.-engineered international pullout of support of democracy in Honduras cloaked in the law. No time to blog on it right now unfortunately- hopefully later tonight. In the meantime, ministers in hiding:

early election≠democracy

Much of the Honduran military coup government propaganda dutifully being regurgitated by the U.S. press right now focuses on the willingness of the Honduran coup government to hold an election earlier that the already-scheduled November election. This will be an election pitting two right-wing pro-coup candidates against each other, will not represent the people, and will not change the fact of the coup. Any government that follows Micheletti's military coup or participates in their election will be a coup government.

End of day five

Translated (hurriedly) from my friend Oscar:

Originally posted Friday at 00:55

Today in the morning my computer died from a terrible virus that smoked my startup disk. Strange, because I have a good anti-virus program. If we were living under normal conditions I might think I'd been careless, but given the conditions in which we find ourselves, I should think that Honduran intelligence has become sophisticated enough to kill the computers of the resistance. So as it is, I'm writing from another machine.

Amazing alternate reality media

Speechless. Astounding misinformation in Honduras's media blackout. This is what Hondurans are expected to believe right now (full text translated below):

El Heraldo's headline reads:
"Fuera Mel, fuera Chávez”, grita multitud a favor de la democracia en Honduras
"'Out with Mel, out with Chavez,' shout the multitude in favor of democracy in Honduras"

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