MUST-READ analysis of Micheletti's "counter-proposal"

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The Micheletti "counter-proposal": A rant

Micheletti's negotiators today rejected the Arias plan, despite the fact that it addressed the supposed reasons for the constitutional and military coup d'etat, despite the fact that President Zelaya agreed to Arias' terms, which many commentators supportive of the constitutional government feel demanded too much and placed Zelaya in the position of repudiating his supporters. At the same time, the Micheletti group offered their own counter-proposal, which can be downloaded in PDF from El Heraldo, one of the pro-Micheletti Honduran newspapers.

Day 21, July 19th 2009 from Oscar (my translation)

This Sunday will be a day for large meetings and discussion of the possible scenarios following the negotiations in San José. The highway blockades and other activities on the national level have been suspended and the men and women of the resistance will try to rest a little and see their families and houses that we've abandoned for weeks.

Oscar under siege

My friend Oscar, he of the poignant and beautifully written updates I've been translating here, has been without electricity for two days and has two strange men posted outside his front door. How far will this coup regime go?

The Seven Points of the Arias Plan: A translation with commentary


The Seven Points of the Arias Plan: A translation with commentary
Based on the Spanish version published today in El Heraldo of Honduras (original text repeated at end of my translation):

PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY—Honduran Historical Documents in Peril

Abajo en español

ANTIGUA CASA PRESIDENCIAL,Tegucigalpa. Present home of the National Archives of Honduras, Honduran Documentary Center for Historical Research, Library of the the Honduran Institute of Anthropolgy and History, the Ethnohistoric Archive.


The U.S. and the Coup: A Real Change of Course or a Just a Farce? (R. Pastor Fasquelle)

The U.S. and the Coup: A Real Change of Course or a Just a Farce?
Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle (Translation by Adrienne Pine; original below)

(Momentary break from Honduras) July 30: Healthcare Rally in DC

This is, in fact, closely related to what's going on in Honduras. Both the U.S. healthcare system and the military coup government in Honduras demonstrate just how deadly protecting profits at the expense of democracy can be. Please join us:
Celebrate Medicare’s 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama that
unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support
national, single-payer healthcare.

Event in Philly- Please spread the word!

"Community Media in times of popular struggle, political mobilization, and repression- from Venezuela to Oaxaca to Honduras."

Wednesday, July 29
Central Library
1901 Vine Street
Skyline room- 4th floor


Day 18, July 16th 2009 from Oscar (my translation)

We wrapped up the day trying to read the different signals sent by the coup government throughout the day. The repression will grow, as will the grassroots actions.

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