Continued political assassinations in Honduras

My translation of an email sent today by Alberto Edel Morales--note the seriousness of the attack last week on Channel 36, one of the very few sources of honest journalism left in the country.

HONDURAS, political assassinations continue

Jonathan Osorio, member of the resistance against the coup d'etat, university student and member of the National Federation of students of Honduras (FENAEH), was assassinated last night in Colonia Los Zorzales in Tegucigalpa, shot numerous times by hitmen driving on a motorcycle.

In Trujillo, Garifuna and Pech artisans protest Euraque's firing

(official statement by Pech and Garifuna groups below)

Great analysis on the Church in Honduras

By John Donaghy at

The Honduran Coup:
Where is the Church?

I have put off writing on this topic, but Friday, August 21, a group from the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas was here in Santa Rosa de Copán and I had arranged for them to speak with Padre Fausto Milla and with Monseñor Luis Alfonso Santos, the bishop. Listening to Padre Fausto and Monseñor Santos moved me to break the silence.

50 Days of Coup Lies blessed by Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez, pt. 2

Fifty Days of Coup Lies blessed by Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez

Part two of two. Part one available here

by Juan Antonio Mejía Guerra, translated by Doug Zylstra
Movement for Dignity and Justice
National Front of Resistance Against the Coup in Honduras

August 16, 2009

Lie No. 9
Cardinal Rodriguez: "The documents prove that the institutions (which participated in the coup] operated properly and complied with the Constitution."

Day 8, July 5 from Oscar (my translation)

Another missed translation, day 8, originally posted Sunday, 05 July 2009 at 22:45

Shit I am sad. It's hard for me to not start to cry as I write this. We really thought that we would be able to recover our democracy without blood, with the song and dance that up until now has made up the resistance. But that's not how it was. The army shot at us and killed, injured, and profoundly wounded this nation. As the cardinal said, there will be bloodshed, and despite his threat we continue ahead. Having courage does not mean having no fear; it means having fear and going forth anyway.

Petition of Support for Professor Darío A. Euraque

We've actually seen concrete results from recent petitions, including the ones focusing on abuses of academics at the UNAH and HRW's lack of coverage of flagrant human rights violations in Honduras. This one, signed by over 350 academics (in the space of a day or two), is of particular importance. There's no better way for the coup government to erase history than by banning historians and militarizing/destroying the archives.

Honduran coup reverses advances in women's rights

August 24, 2009
By Margaret Thompson

FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour/Radio Internacional Feminista

Article from U.C. Berkeley News on Rosemary Joyce


Scholars protest repression of colleagues in Honduras
Berkeley anthropologist launches online petition and blog in the wake of president's ouster

My letter to Kenneth Roth, director of Human Rights Watch

August 25, 2009

Kenneth Roth
Executive Director
Human Rights Watch

Dear Mr. Roth,

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