Honduras Needs a General Strike

Originally published in Socialismo o Barbarie, periodical No. 156, 07/30/09
Notes from the Resistance:
Honduras needs a general strike
By Santiago, Socialist Workers' Party of Costa Rica, member of SoB stream, From Honduras in the struggle against the coup, 07/26/09, translation by María Soledad Cervantes

The Honduran people’s fight against the military coup fulfills all the requirements to be qualified as heroic. As these lines are written, we have counted 29 days of continued mobilizations against the coup leaders and, notwithstanding hundreds of arrestees and scores of casualties --injured and dead- caused by military repression, the Honduran people are not desisting from their struggle against the de facto regime and for the restoration of Mel Zelaya.

Hartford Courant article, print edition

Click for larger view:

Article by Pablo Delano--Darío Euraque (and Honduras) vs. Myrna Castro

Trinity Historian Turned Cultural Guardian Standing Up To New Honduran Regime, from the Hartford Courant

ARTICLE AUTHOR PABLO DELANO, also a Trinity professor, shares a drink with Darí­o A. Euraque recently. The two are collaborating on a book about Honduras. (HANDOUT / August 29, 2009)

Students beaten and threatened under de facto Minister of Culture's orders

I'm in the middle of another translation, so can't do this one right now, but the physical battle against critical thought keeps getting uglier. The employees of the national library and cultural institutes have been steadfastly resisting the militarization of these centers led by de facto Minister of Culture Myrna Castro, using poetry, art and non-violent direct action as their weapons. In return, they are being beaten, in some cases savagely, and worse.

Another Bloody Bananas Coup

Great overview of the situation on the ground from Vicki Gass at WOLA

Just a quick note to say that I have been in Honduras since Sunday to talk to various counterparts about the crisis and alternative proposals to get out of the crisis. As of this writing, my thoughts are the following:

Another great vid by Jesse Freeston of The Real News

...featuring Al Giordano of Narco News

Continued political assassinations in Honduras

My translation of an email sent today by Alberto Edel Morales--note the seriousness of the attack last week on Channel 36, one of the very few sources of honest journalism left in the country.

HONDURAS, political assassinations continue

Jonathan Osorio, member of the resistance against the coup d'etat, university student and member of the National Federation of students of Honduras (FENAEH), was assassinated last night in Colonia Los Zorzales in Tegucigalpa, shot numerous times by hitmen driving on a motorcycle.

In Trujillo, Garifuna and Pech artisans protest Euraque's firing

(official statement by Pech and Garifuna groups below)

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