DC folk: concert, march and vigil against 287 (g) next Saturday

Click on poster for larger view, and see this CounterPunch article by Tanya Golash-Boza on 287 (g).

Thanks but no thanks, Secretary Clinton & and IMF(ascist financiers)

Mark Weisbrot of CEPR, in a press release yesterday, debunks the hype about Clinton's actions allegedly opposing the coup.

Weisbrot provides further details of the IMF's support for the de facto government in an article today in The Guardian, article pasted below.

IMF: stop funding Honduras

Dr. Euraque dismissed by illegal board of directors

To members of Apoyamos al Dr. Darío A. Euraque, Gerente LEGÍTIMO del IHAH
By Pablo Delano, 03 September at 19:10
En Español abajo..

Comic by PantoRojo

Not translated, but I think you get the gist: General Vasquez as an SOA pup. Click on image for higher res:

Preliminary Report Regarding the Coup d'Etat

Rather than trying to format the whole darn thing, footnotes and all, I am including a link to the pdf version of the document titled Preliminary Report Regarding the Coup d'Etat from the Government of President José Manuel Zelaya. This rushed translation (please forgive any errors) is the result of many of hours of last-minute labor by Charles Utwater, Doug Zylstra and myself. Below are the conclusions of this epic document:

Day 62, August 29, 2009 by Oscar (my translation)

A week has passed since I wrote my last note and although the reality of Honduras remains in constant flux, in fact it seems that little has changed. I am outside the country, and it scares me to see how, if one doesn't specifically seek out information on Honduras, it seems like nothing is happening. Nothing: not the constant mobilization of the people, not the violation of their fundamental rights, not the deaths, not the disappearances that arise from the most horrifying crevices of the regime.

Threat to Hugo Maldonado, prominent resistance member

Today, Monday, August 31, 2009, Honduran National Police has issued an arrest warrant against Mr. Hugo Maldonado, Human Rights defender, and founding member of the NATIONAL RESISTANCE FRONT AGAINST THE COUP D'ETAT IN HONDURAS. The arrest warrant comes upon 'orders' from Colonel Marlon Mendoza Garay, a well known Partido Nacional militant, who, enraged against the people protesting against the political-electoral acts of the Golpista regime, has promised to 'sink' Mr. Hugo Maldonado, in his own words, according to witnesses at the scene.

USW Women of Steel Ask Lawmakers to Protect Honduran Women Brutalized by Coup Regime

August 31, 2009

Leeann Anderson at 412-562-2282
Ann Flener at 412-999-0541
Dan Kovalik at 412- 335-6442

USW Women of Steel Ask Lawmakers to Protect Honduran Women Brutalized by Coup Regime

( Pittsburgh ) -- Members of the United Steelworkers (USW) Women of Steel organization today sought immediate action by the U.S. Department of State to protect Honduran woman who have been brutalized by officials of the coup regime.

Miguel D'Escoto Requests UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Honduras

Miguel D'Escoto requests a special Human Rights rapporteur for Honduras (my translation)
La Paz, 29 Ago. ABN.- The president of the United Nations General Assembly, Miguel D'Escoto, announced this Saturday in Bolivia that he would solicit the naming of a special rapporteur to report on the situation of human rights in Honduras, following the coup d'etat in that country.

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