Credit-zenship and death squad trading cards

Juan Orlando Hernández never ceases to amaze. This video, published October 9th, outlines his plan for a National Credit Card (discounts on health care!), bringing corporate citizenship to a whole new level. Not only are corporations valued more than citizens in the "democratic" process; individual citizenship may now only be properly articulated through one's subjugation to corporations.

National Party propaganda about LIBRE Party

Apparently the National Party has been creating fake LIBRE propaganda to terrify the public and bolster the PN's utterly fictitious claims about LIBRE representing a descent into socialism (on logical par with Tea Party accusations of Obamacare being socialist-if only either claim held a grain of truth...). They are putting a lot of resources into their dirty tricks, and undoubtedly have many more up their sleeves. Click image for larger version:

Neoliberal holiday

Honduran doctors have been on strike for lack of pay and medical supplies for weeks now (Lobo's response: contract scabs), and today Lobo declared a national holiday because the soccer team qualified for the World Cup in Brasil. Me, I've been trying to figure out whether or not I still get to teach my afternoon class on healthcare in the neoliberal order during the feriado. Here are some things on which I've been meaning to comment for a while.

Even While Critiquing USG, CPJ Spreads State Department Propaganda

The Committee to Protect Journalists issued its first ever report on press freedoms in the U.S. last Thursday. Leonard Downie Jr., author of the report and former executive editor of The Washington Post, was interviewed on Democracy Now last Friday in glowing coverage of the report.

Walking the bridge

Today I went to the mayoreo, like most Saturdays. At the big open air market by the stadium I get my vegetables (green bell peppers, potatoes, onions, cebollinas, eggplants, avocados, garlic—the tiny Honduran kind, not the big Chinese variety—etc.), fruits (juice oranges, pineapples, bananas and plantains, papayas, etc.), hand-cut bacon, lentils, suspiros to give away, quesillo and mantequilla crema at Karla's dairy post (#20), a few dozen eggs, and whatever else looks good.

Update on Chavelo and other political prisoners, from Greg McCain

UPDATE (from Greg McCain):

Decolonization, rivers and emancipation versus racism, arrogance and capitalism

Below is:

  1. audio (in Spanish) from the politically persecuted members of COPINH following their hearing last week
  2. a translation from Stephen Bartlett of Ag Missions of the COPINH communique with the above title
  3. the original communique in Spanish

Speech by Aureliano:

Last Tuesday's International Day of Solidarity with COPINH

From Stephen Bartlett of Ag Missions on September 13: This international day of action arose quickly following a delegation of 9 nations to Rio Blanco after the Grito de los Excluidos meeting in Honduras. On September 10 at least 9 cities in 6 countries held actions, most of them at Honduran Embassies. Below is a brief summary of the events.

Don't believe the hype on Moskitia land grants

As usual, what you get at the NYT and other mainstream outlets re: Honduras is propaganda. Neither the USG nor the GOH are up to any good at all in the Moskitia, and the Honduran govt should hardly be commended for giving indigenous peoples titles to land that was already theirs.

Honduras: On the Brink of Change

See Suyapa Portillo's excellent article laying out the current state of affairs as Honduran elections approach in CounterPunch HERE.

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