My interview last week on Flashpoints

Last Wednesday, July 9th, I had a lengthy conversation with Dennis Bernstein on KPFA Flashpoints about the Honduran child migration issue. You can listen to that HERE (at about 16 minutes in, although the first section is definitely worth listening to as well). At one point I cited a stat I had seen on a wall a couple days earlier. Granted, not the most "scientific" of data sources, but I have no doubt it's pretty close to true. I would have guessed fewer Hondurans get a higher education, actually.

Please support survivors of the Ahuas DEA massacre in their struggle for justice

I can't overstate the importance of this fundraiser on so many levels- from the immediate survival needs of the victims to the larger struggle against the U.S.-led drug war and military occupation of Honduras and Latin America. Please join me in donating now:

BENEFITING: Rights Action

Anyone wanna bid on the drug war?

Y--50KW Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable System
Solicitation Number: W912CL14R0029
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Location: Mission Division (PARC Americas 410th CSB)

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Special Notice
Added: Jul 03, 2014 3:40 pm

Don't click on this.

Statistics aren't readily available, but Hospital Escuela doctors, psychologists and nurses tell me that in the past two or three years they've seen a sharp increase in child suicide attempts. Just as we've seen sharp increases in child migration and child murders. So many people here still try to explain it all away as a result of bad single mothering. And somehow the media here thinks it's a good idea to do this. Really, don't click.

Lo real maravilloso: de Ciriboya a Washington

I had the great pleasure of accompanying my fabulous student Beth Geglia to present the film Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital, which she co-directed with the equally lovely and talented Jesse Freeston in Havana two weeks ago. Click HERE to see an article (in Spanish) about one of our Havana events.

CFP: 11th Annual Public Anthropology Conference

American University’s Department of Anthropology
11th Annual Public Anthropology Conference
October 4th & 5th in Washington, DC
“Violence, Resilience, and Resistance”
Call for Participation

Submission deadline: August 1, 2014
Email submissions to:
Register to attend at:

Join us at American University for the 11th annual Public Anthropology Conference.
We invite students, activists, academics, and community members to submit brief

LGBTTI march in Tegucigalpa meets homophobic/transphobic military state

I went to the march de la no homo-lesbo-bi-trans-fobia in Tegucigalpa last Friday. It was a different scene from San Pedro, where I've been to pride marches a few times. San Pedro has a reputation for having bigger, more flamboyant marches, and the community holds the national pride march there instead of in Tegucigalpa because the authorities crack down less.

Not Forgotten: Street Art by SOA Watch (video by Beth Geglia)

Entrevista con Lic. Anibal Duarte

The mayor of Iriona, Aníbal Duarte, was murdered in La Ceiba last Friday. He was a staunch ally of the people in his municipality, and of the First Garifuna Hospital in neighboring Ciriboya. I wrote about his support for our nursing/medical student brigade in January here. His loss is a tragedy for the people of Iriona and of Honduras, and is heartbreaking for me as well.


I was killing time downtown, slowly making my way to the restaurant where I was going to meet some friends. As I walked I overheard a man say to another man "acaban de matar a un hombre por ahí" [a man was just killed over there], nodding his head in the direction I was walking. It didn't affect me much; I took it in like any other piece of information about my surroundings—weather, road conditions, etc. I resumed my internal dialogue where I'd left off.

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