Judges Go on Hunger Strike, Golpistas . . . Ramadan?

By Arturo J. Viscarra

Yesterday, the Association of Judges for Democracy initiated a hunger strike in response to the Honduran Supreme Court’s removal from office of 4 judges and a public defender. The judges had the gall to challenge the legality of a coup d’etat and extend such rights to coup protesters as habeas corpus, bail, and the opportunity to present an adequate legal defense. The clearly politically motivated dismissals have exposed the rotten core of the Honduran legal and political establishment and motivated these honest public servants to demand through a hunger strike outside of the National Congress, (1) an end to impunity and prosecution for the human rights violators, (2) the restitution of the fired judges, and (3) the resignation of the corrupt Supreme Court magistrates.

Never finding an end to their cynicism or childish attempts to distract from the serious and deep problems in Honduras’s institutions, the golpistas, through a new organization created by the National Party (Asociacion de Padres de Familia) initiated their own type of hunger strike – on the other side of the plaza as the judge’s. The supposed motive of this political act is to support the changing of the law governing public education. Without getting into this other hot button issue that motivated tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters (mostly Resistance) to pour into the streets of Tegucigalpa today in protest, I will just report on what I saw while accompanying attorneys supporting the judges during the first night of their hunger strike. Or more like what I didn’t see: hunger strikers at the hunger strike:

[translation for below image: education is not politics/political]

That’s right, the concerned parents that are so motivated to change the education law went home on the first night of their hunger strike. When we saw them return at around 5 a.m. they then shamelessly lied and said that they had in fact spent the night there. This bold-faced cynicism has not stopped the golpista Honduran press from trying to promote the hunger strike or at least put it on par with the hunger strike of the judges and public university workers (who are now in their 22nd day).




Here’s some pictures taken after the dusk till dawn “hunger” strikers were set up. Notice the military, who had dutifully guarded their props and nonsensical signs all night. Only in Honduras.