Comisión de la verdad DE VERDAD en Honduras

[see comments below for a clarification of the wording]
By Mario Ardón Mejía (my translations), photos below

This morning a Truth Commission was launched as a proper initiative of the Honduran Platform of Human Rights. This initiative grows out of the illegitimacy of the participants imposed by the ongoing coup Government of Pepe Lobo in an Official "Truth Commission" that through unilateral imposition... and leadership from within the supporters of the coup d'etat will not end up being anything but a Commission of Lies.

This Truth Commission (not the official one made up of those who continue carrying out the policies of the coup d'etat in Honduras) is made up of people of well-known moral integrity and with knowledge of the cause and national and international experience, like: Helen Umaña, Father Fausto Milla, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Rigoberta Menchú, a well-recognized Dutch citizen, an Ecuadorian with a lot of experience on truth commissions, and one of the founders of the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo of Argentina among others.

Ahora por la mañana se realizó el lanzamiento de una Comisión de Verdad como iniciativa acertada de la Plataforma Hondureña de Derecho Humanos. Esta iniciativa surge por la ilegitimidad de los participantes impuestos por el Gobierno continuador del golpe de Pepe Lobo en una "Comisión de la Verdad" Oficialista que con la unilateralidad... y protagonismo de los integrates en el golpe de estado no apunta mas que se constituyan en la Comisión de la Mentira.

Formaran parte de esta Comisión de Verdad (no oficialista de los continuadores del golpe de estado en Honduras) personas de reconocida integridad moral y con conocimiento de causa y experiencia a nivel nacional e internacional, como ser: Helen Umaña, Padre Fausto Milla, Rodolfo Perez Esquivel, Rigoberta Menchú, un ciudadano holandez muy reconocido, una ecuatoriana con experiencia en comisiones de la verdad, y una de las fundadoras del movimiento de las abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo de Argentina entre otros.

Panel made up of leaders of organizations that make up the Platform of Human Rights in Honduras, whose actions have been to protect human rights in Honduras.
Mesa principal integrada por dirigentes de organizaciones que conforman la Plataforma de Derechos Humanos en Honduras, cuya actuación ha sido pertinente en la defensa de los derechos humanos en Honduras.

View of a crowd of some 200 people representing different social sectors interested in the refounding of the nation from a perspective of Inclusive Participatory Democracy.
Panoramica de una concurrencia de unas 200 personas representantes de diferentes sectores sociales interesado en la refundación de la patria desde una perspectiva de Democracia Participativa Incluyente.

Interviews with the representatives of the organizations of the Platform of Human Rights of Honduras.
Entrevistas con los representantes de las organizaciones de la Plataforma de Derechos Humanos de Honduras.


Truth Commission

Well, when I hear such titles as a Truth Commission I get afraid because such a title imposes huge responsibility. Truth means a lot to people, and if this commission will be not able to make right conclusions it will bring disappointment to thousands of people. Unfortunatelly, the observation of the politics proves that there is nothing in common between politicians and the truth, but there is a lot between politicians and corruption. Not long ago I read a book about corruption. I advise everybody to read it. Here is the torrent I downloaded it from . It turns out that corruption has existed from the ancient times and so many centures have past but it still exists. I hope that this commission will be able to do anything about the problem that appeared and it will influence the tendancy.

Truth Commission

I wonder if there is a mistake with one of the names. Adolfo Perez Esquivel is the Argentinian Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1980) who has been as outspoken defender of human rights in the hemisphere. He suffered imprisonment in his native Argentina and is a perfect person to help seek out the TRUTH.

just confusing wording

I agree the original was a bit confusing because it switches back and forth from the truth commission de mentira to the truth commission de verdad, but as I understand it Mario is saying that Adolfo Perez Esquivel is a member of the platform's truth commission, and that he is indeed of "well-known moral integrity and with knowledge of the cause and national and international experience." So (if I'm translating this correctly) I believe this text agrees with your assessment of Perez Esquivel.