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I presented a paper called The Dirt Fights Back about Honduran queers in resistance at the Reinstating Transgression Conference. In preparing for it, I realized there wasn't a centralized location for Honduras LGBTTIQ info in English and Spanish on the interweb, so I decided to make creating that part of the project. I will also be including original interviews and transcripts here shortly. Please send me links for articles, websites, videos, etc, that are not included here.

Honduras is test of new U.S. policy on gay rights

The Discourse of a Kiss by Gerardo Torres Zelaya, May 2011

FNRP forum on Sexual Diversity in Resistance, Tegucigalpa, June 16, 2010:

and articles about said forum:

Pride March, San Pedro Sula, July 11th, 2010

HRW's report, published May 29, 2009, titled "Not Worth a Penny": Human Rights Abuses against Transgender People in Honduras

CATTRACHAS Youtube page (lots of great videos)

Voices With Vision radio piece from April 6th, in which Arturo J. Viscarra and I talk about the current situation in Honduras, with a focus (in the final 15 minutes) on the LGBTQ community.

Sexual Diversity in Resistance, by Fernando Reyes

Sexualidad masculina y homofobia en la historia de Honduras: las pistas disponibles por Darío Euraque

Ricardo's interview (in Spanish and dubbed in English) on the history of gay/trans organizing in Honduras, queers in the resistance, his own persecution leading to exile, and Walter's life and death.

Fear and repression - LGB&T life in Honduras, by Tanya O'Carroll, 7 Apr 2010

Summary of Human Rights Violations in Honduras, Compiled by Suyapa Portillo and Eileen Ma for the Coalition for Peace and Democracy in Honduras on 12/5/2009—has a special section on attacks on the LGBTTI community, p.5

Red Lésbica Cattrachas graphic document LGBTTI* Murders in Honduras June 28, 2009 to Present, December 2009.

IAHCR report HONDURAS: HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE COUP D’ÉTAT, Dec. 31, 2009. Includes mention of specific attacks on LGBT community.

Great article from 2/19/10: Sexual Diversity in Popular Resistance, by Oscar Estrada

Honduras: IGLHRC Expresses Outrage at Human Rights Abuses After Military Coup

Impunity on the Prowl, in Honduras and Here, Hans Johnson and Suyapa Portillo, Feb. 1, 2010

Despite the tourguide back-to-the-Maya intro, this article has some very current, really good information: Gay Honduras – Hidden, But Busy and Present 2010

Artistas en Resistencia: Brutalidad policial en Honduras, contra el magisterio, contra la comunidad gay, contra todo el pueblo


  • Engel and Ros-Lehtinen's shameless Letter to U.S. Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens calling for him to "work with" Pepe Lobo's government to try to prevent further violence against the LGBT community (in direct response to massive international condemnation of Walter's assassination and the rest of the killings) without acknowledging that the military coup they both supported, in Ros-Lehtinen's case to a wingnut--extreme, was the direct cause of said violence.
  • See also NCLR's blog post on the topic for a thorough but unanalytical recap of the relevant documents.
  • Oh, and here's my earlier post on the topic.
  • Along the same lines, the hypocrisy of State: Honduras must investigate murder of Gay activist, US State Department says.
  • Similarly, see the State Department's/Hugo Llorens's 2009 Human Rights Report: Honduras (link with my commentary but also includes link to the original), which contains much reference to attacks on the LGBT community, but does everything possible to de-link it from the de facto Opus Dei regime, despite the sharp increase in killings, specifically targeted at active resistance members within the LGBT community, and also focusing on the tragically ludicrous and unfounded claims of golpista reporter Carol Cabrera that the resistance killed her daughter and are coming after her.
  • See my first analysis of Cabrera & Micheletti's claims as being a way to distract media attention from violence against the LGBT community, especially Walter, and then watch the story develop here and here, oh and here.
  • Fiscales denuncian amenaza de muerte en caso de policía homofóbico. This is in BS alert section because of the pattern of condemning human rights violations (or rather, failing to do so) within the official Lobo pseudo-human rights apparatus. Sandra Ponce gives herself a big pat on the back here for condemning homophobia, but it's of course framed in cultural, not political (i.e., coup/post-coup) terms, and is done in a context of generalized denial of State involvement in any human rights violations, in which most violations against resistance members are not even recognized as such.

Walter Tróchez:

Renán Fajardo, Artist in Resistance, murdered

Article I translated about another trans killing, with link to horrific picture.

Heterogender Homosexuality in Honduras, 2002 book co-authored by my old friend Manuel Fernández-Alemany (Manuel, ¿dónde andas?)

Brief, dated, and somewhat vague but nonetheless useful GLBTQ Encyclopedia article on Gay rights in Honduras

Dated and somewhat lacking in depth (i.e., appears to be based on one or two interviews and not fact-checked super well, but again still useful) article, The Gay and Lesbian Movement in Honduras




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