Ni olvido ni perdón ni falsa reconciliación

Dialogue is a good thing. In principle, I believe we can agree on that. (Or perhaps I presume too much). But dialogue, like elections, does not work so well when administered through the barrel of a gun. The U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa is hard at work trying to impose a "reconciliation government" to legitimate the ongoing coup regime, desperately trying to fill the vacuum left by the imploded Liberal Party with something they can control--something that isn't the multitude, the rabble, the resistance. This while journalists and teachers are murdered daily. The embassy engages in this dirty work just as the State Department unilaterally imposed the San José and then Guaymuras negotiations, taking advantage of the economic and military power they exercise over Honduras to ensure that the coup leaders would emerge successful. But no process of U.S.-led false reconciliation would be complete without liberal complicity. Stay tuned.


I'm tuned

The House resolution by Delahunt (H. Res. 630), with 51 co-sponsors, condemning the coup was never even brought to a vote. It was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on July 10th, where it vanished.

That's complicity.