Lobo appoints SOA-trained military coup protagonist as head of telecom

You read right. General Romeo Vasquez Velásquez has been selected by U.S.-appointed Honduran president Pepe Lobo as head of the embattled Hondutel, which has been the central site of the fight over privatization. For anyone who said Lobo was better than Micheletti, hold on...he's just getting started. From a friend:

Hondutel is another one of the decentralized state institutions that President Reina, for the first time, took out of the hands of the armed forces, who prior to that named not only the managers but also all the personnel, since Lopez Arellano's first coup. This is another institutional setback that also puts the capacity for systematic telephone espionage in the hands of the military, justified in the interests of state security, and it puts the gray traffic of phone calls on the table and other forms of corruption, accusations of which at the time were leveled against Roberto Micheletti who jumped off that trampoline toward his first presidential candidacy in the government of Carlos Flores!