L.A. Protest Wednesday

Dear Queers, Allies and all! [PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY, Thank you!]
Please come out the Vigil against the coup d’état and the political military dictatorship in Honduras on January 27, 2009
COME PROTEST HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS including LGBT deaths and extermination practices by the Honduran military.

When: 1/27/10
Where: Honduran Consulate/Consulado General de Honduras en Los Ángeles
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Los Ángeles, CA 90010
Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Bring LGBT themed signs and/or flags in English and Spanish.

Please join us in protesting the brutal takeover of our homeland, the destruction democracy and the killing of over 40 individuals for the sole act of protesting a military regime.

Come protest and bring awareness to the unchanging policies of new government of Pepe Lobo. The United States has silently supported a coup that has exterminated LGBTTI people, with Transgender women being the target of violence, rape and death. (See attached information on LGBTTI Deaths!)

Obama’s refusal to condemn the Human Rights violations has given permission to the de facto regime and the new regime of Pepe Lobo (a coup plotter himself), to continue their violence against our community.

To date the deaths of transgender women, gay men, campesinos/as, teachers and protesters have gone without investigation. The people protesting in the streets were exercised their rights to protest the violent coup and their right to a fair and just constitution.

One of the martyrs has been Walter Tróchez, a human rights advocate, HIV/ADIS advocate, organizer and a member of the LGBT community was killed on December 13. Across the world, we are organizing to make sure that such deaths never happen. Gay activists are particularly concerned that there has been no one charged with the assassination of Walter Tróchez.