Micheletti contradicted by DNIC on assassination

...turns out Carol Cabrera's daughter was killed by soccer hooligans—no relation to the Resistance—at least according to the Honduran FBI. She got caught in the crossfire between fanáticos (the Spanish is so much more accurate than the shortened English version of the word) of Olimpia and Motagua—the Ultrafiel gang of Olimpia fans, vs. the Revo gang of Motagua fans. I wonder what Cabrera has to say about her daughter's tragic demise being used for the dictatorship's propaganda.



That's truly shocking.

It's even worse, I think, for Cabrera. She was quoted as blaming the resistance for her daughter's death. Perhaps she just said it because she knew it was expected of her, or perhaps El Heraldo just made it up. But there can't be much worse than suffering a tragedy like this, blaming it on one's enemy, and then discovering it was just a pointless juvenile feud.