Walter Tróchez assassinated

It breaks my heart to translate this.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
December 14, 2009

On December 4th the human rights advocate Walter Tróchez, member of the LGBT community and active member of the Resistance Front was kidnapped and savagely beaten outside the "El Obelisco" Park in Comayaguela, by four hooded men who drove a gray pickup, without plates, presumably of the DNIC [national criminal investigation directorate] (a vehicle of similar description, as he denounced publicly several months ago, had been staking out his house, obligating him to move).

On that day the kidnappers told him they knew him well and they were going to kill him. They hooded him, insulted him, and began to interrogate him about the resistance, asking for information about its leaders and its movements. At that time he managed to escape alive, and the next day he filed a complaint with national and international authorities.

Today we have been informed that he has been assassinated by two gunshots just outside of Larach & Co. in the center of Tegucigalpa.

We denounce this deplorable act before all Hondurans and the international community; this death adds to the more than ten deaths already suffered by the gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual community of Honduras and to the persecution, harassment and threats suffered by human rights defenders and organizations since June 28th under the coup regime.

We demand to the authorities that this crime not go unpunished, that an investigation be carried forth and those responsible for it be uncovered.

We demand that the State of Honduras guarantee the physical integrity and life of those people involved in human rights work, that it respect and comply with treaties and international conventions that protect human rights defenders and the people in general.

We demand an end to the persecution, threats and harassment to which individuals, leaders and organizations who oppose and differ ideologically from the de facto regime are subjected.



Tegucigalpa, Honduras
14 de diciembre de 2009

El pasado 4 de diciembre el defensor de derechos humanos, Walter Tróchez, miembro de la comunidad gay, lésbica, trans, bisexual, y miembro activo del Frente de Resistencia, fue secuestrado y salvajemente golpeado a inmediaciones del Parque El Obelisco de Comayaguela, por cuatro hombres encapuchados que se transportaban en un vehículo pick up, color gris, sin placas, presumiblemente de la DNIC (similar descripción al vehículo, que él denunció hace algunos meses, había montado vigilancia a su casa de habitación, lo que le obligó a mudarse).

Ese día los secuestradores le dijeron que lo conocían bien y que lo iban a matar, lo encapucharon, le insultaron y comenzaron a hacer preguntas sobre la resistencia y pedir información de sus líderes y sus movimientos. En ese momento el logró escapar con vida, al siguiente día interpuso la denuncia ante instancias nacionales e internacionales.

El día de hoy nos han informado que ha sido asesinado de dos disparos a inmediaciones de Larach y Cía en el centro de Tegucigalpa.

Denunciamos ante todos los hondureños y hondureñas y la comunidad internacional tan deplorable suceso; esta muerte se suma a las más de diez que ya lleva la comunidad gay, lésbica, trans y bisexual de Honduras y a la persecución, hostigamiento y amenazas que han venido sufriendo organizaciones, defensores y defensoras de derechos humanos después del 28 de junio en el marco del golpe de Estado.

Exigimos a las autoridades que este crímen no quede impune, que se realice la investigación correspondiente y que se deduzcan las responsabilidades del caso.

Exigimos al Estado de Honduras garantice la integridad física y la vida de aquellas personas que desarrollan acciones de procuración de derechos humanos, que se respeten y cumplan los tratados y convenios internacionales que protegen a los y las defensoras de derechos humanos y a la población en general.

Exigimos el cese de la persecución, amenazas y hostigamiento al que están sujetos las personas, líderes y organizaciones que se oponen y difieren ideológicamente del régimen de facto.



Y'see. This is why the

Y'see. This is why the American LGBT community just ticks me off. While their all busy complaining that "OH my... I can't get the word marriage and Civil Unions are soo lame...oh me oh my, woe is me." Actual LGBT issues are going on elsewhere in the world. American LGBT knows nothing about struggle when compared to this kind of stuff. Maybe a couple weeks in Honduras for all of them would give them a picture of what true inequality feels like.

Granted the situation in the US is MUCH MUCH better, it is not perfect and I understand that. But, to go from reading some screaming queen blasting off because he doesn't want people to be able to get Civil Unions, then to read about this right afterwords...puts it all in perspective and even more instills how incredibly arrogant American's, in general, and the American LGBT community is.

I wonder if many of the mainstream LGBT groups will even cover this story.