TSE massaging the numbers? More fraud in the works

Chela has pointed out to me that in an article today in El Tiempo, the electorate is claimed to be 4.6 million people.

But, see here: there are only 7.6 million people in Honduras, the legal voting age is 18 [corrected, thanks], and 41% of people are 14 or under. Now I'm no demographer...but when I divide 4.6 million by 7.6 million I get 61% of the population being counted as potential voters. And then there's all those people in the 15-17 [also corrected] age range. Some of the discrepancy could be accounted for by the fact that Hondurans abroad are allowed to vote, and are often not counted in the census, but it still seems like a high number...


Did you count the graveyards?

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why there will be more votes than voters.

As for Tiempo, it's the only one of the major papers that I haven't found circulating ludicrous stories like the one claiming the UN had ruled that the coup was legal, or changing stories abruptly when they were found to be false. I'm sure it has its faults, but compared to the rest of the Honduran press, they do pretty well.

TSE numbers

The last time I looked, the legal voting age was 18. And I wouldn't believe everything El Tiempo publishes, either.

thanks for catching that

Indeed, I didn't double check voting age noted from my source. That narrows it down some. And re: El Tiempo, I interpreted this as more of a sloppy failure to investigate a fishy official statistic than malice on their part, but I could be wrong.

That's exactly the point

Sloppy journalism publishes information whether deliberately false or not, that the population therefore believes. If it's not questioned, it becomes fact to thousands of people who are subsequently passionately misinformed, setting the stage for more drama. For instance, dissemination of questionable stories about Zelaya's personal life facilitated the coup because many already found him morally questionable. When Micheletti & company chose to initiate the coup, they had a nice population of Hondurans with acute Chavez-phobia who by default feared and hated Zelaya. Easy as pie.