Scary armed forces developments

These letters have been sent to all the mayors in Honduras from the armed forces, asking them to serve as spies for the regime. The police and armed forces have also warned that anyone promoting a boycott of the elections will be considered a terrorist (see below).


The source for those allegations is CODEH

Berta Oliva spoke on TeleSur. The reports of people being forced to vote come from her press interview.

I usually abstain from imprecatory prayer, rio.

But I'll make an exception for you.


That's your source?

Then I will laugh even more - c'mon Charles - can't you do better than that?

Is this law?

AE Ortiz, do armed people dressed in civilian clothing forcing people to vote, or "camisas blancas" going door to door threatening people with prosecution if they refuse to vote "using the law"?

It sounds like vigilantism to me.

One good reason to require that only uniformed police officers engage in arrests is that there aren't all that many of them and there are lots of citizens. So, there's a natural check and balance against them arresting many people. If the state wants to expand the police, they have to pay them and register them. A repressive state that is forced to do that will run out of money and get caught in its crimes.

Law or no law?

Repeating what you hear on Radio Globo and other resistance sources does you no good at all, Charles.

Unless you can provide corroborated proof, I'm afraid your statements will continue to be laughed at.

At least they are using the law

The law is only a threat to those who would break it. Nevertheless, our justice system is so unfairly wielded, that it is a mockery of justice. But that has been the case for decades, sadly, and is not exclusive to the current regime.