Honduran Military Launches Hydrogen Cyanide Gas at Brazilian Embassy

Article in Spanish with photo here.

In Radio Globo it is being reported that the Embassy of Brazil is being attacked, approximately 2 hours ago chemical, gas, and amplified sound attacks were reported...Xiomara de Zelaya reports symptoms: "We are vomiting blood, bleeding from our noses and [las heces], have severe itching, dryness in the mouth and nose..."

Doctors Without Borders, the Honduran Red Cross and Zelaya's personal doctor are being held and are being prevented from entering the embassy.

They are using chemical and electronic weapons prohibited by the United Nations and committing crimes against humanity, violating the Vienna treaty and the human rights of the people inside and around the embassy.

From Tuesday the 22nd the army has been using a long range acoustic device that affects hearing and produces severe headaches and damage to internal organs and the organism.



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