Judas or Diplomat? Or, can you be one without being the other?

Many Hondurans are infuriated by the images in the newspapers (these taken from La Prensa) of Zelaya meeting with, and even embracing candidates and coup engineers today (he met with resistance candidates Carlos H. Reyes and César Ham the first day he arrived), while his supporters and other resistance members are being shot at--slaughtered, even--on the streets. Talk on the street is of possible betrayal, and that "once a politician always a politician." Of course, the "international community" is expecting compromise, and Zelaya has promised that, but how do you compromise with de facto leaders responsible for the violent repression of their people? In what situation, they ask, could all the human rights violations carried out this summer, including possibly dozens of extrajudicial assassinations in the past week, possibly be negotiable or acceptable? People are watching his next steps very closely.

Porfirio Lobo, from the National Party.

Elvin Santos with Manuel Zelaya.

Manuel Zelaya with the presidential candidates

Elvin Santos, of the Liberal Party; Porfirio Lobo, of the National; Felícito Ávila, from the Christian Democratic Party, and Bernard Martínez, from the PINU (Partido Innovación y Unidad Social Demócrata), made the declaration after meeting for more than three hours with the interim president, Roberto Micheletti.