AFGJ Honduras Delegation announcement

Alliance for Global Justice invites you to join our
Honduras Delegation
January 25-Feb. 3, 2015

State of democracy one-year after the elections: insecurity and migration

In November 2013, AfGJ led a 55-person delegation to officially monitor the Honduras presidential election. We were part of a nearly 200 person strong election monitoring effort by the Honduras Solidarity Network. Our delegation, and the other delegations, observed and reported many irregularities and instances of outright fraud in the election that brought National Party candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez to power. The US recognized his victory before the ballot count was complete and before election monitors could issue their reports.

We are returning to Honduras Jan. 25-Feb. 3 to examine the state of democracy in this Central American country that was mostly unknown to US activists prior to the June 28, 2009 coup that toppled democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. Since the election, migration from Honduras to the US has increased dramatically and the greatest number of unaccompanied minors applying for refugee status on the US border last summer were from Honduras.

Activists and popular organizations in Honduras call for international solidarity and accompaniment. This delegation will meet with political and popular movement leadership to look at the state of democracy a year after the flawed election of 2013. We’ll talk with youth, indigenous, teachers, unionists, agricultural cooperative members, human rights defenders and others about the current situation, the US role in making Honduras the “murder capital of the world”, and what we can do to provide solidarity support from the US and Canada. The delegation will be based in Tegucigalpa and we will make at least a couple of trips outside the capital to witness first-hand what our Honduran sisters and brothers are living through.

The $950 delegation fee includes double occupancy hotel rooms, in-country transportation, all meals, translation and an information-packed itinerary organized by Honduras Solidarity Network Honduras Coordinator Karen Spring. (International airfare not included.) AfGJ National Co-Coordinator Chuck Kaufman will lead the delegation. For an application or more information, send an email to Ask for our tip sheet on how to raise money to pay for the delegation.