The State of Art in Honduras

Now that I'm back in the U.S. it feels a little safer to blog again. I'll start with this brilliant example of arts patronage in Honduras. You'll recall that following the coup, Zelaya's Minister of Culture, Arts & Sports, the renowned historian Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle was forced into exile (he spent his first semester teaching at Harvard) and the head of the IHAH (Honduran Institute for Anthropology and History), likewise renowned historian Darío Euraque, was illegally ousted from his post. In their place the coup administration installed intellectual heavyweights like Mirna Castro, who (as Minister) called for shutting down libraries because they contained dangerous thoughts, and whose primary achievement was a fashion week. Now in the Ministry is TV commentator and JOH friend Orlando Ponce Morazán, who last week propositioned the well-respected Honduran artist Nora Buchanan when she requested government support. And this, again, is what impunity looks like. Government officials so stupid with power that they forget the existence of screenshots and social media. Ponce is now posturing, trying to claim Buchanan is blackmailing him and there's nothing wrong with suggesting they meet at a hotel at 10pm to discuss her proposal, and that he'll sue! He'll sue!