My interview last week on Flashpoints

Last Wednesday, July 9th, I had a lengthy conversation with Dennis Bernstein on KPFA Flashpoints about the Honduran child migration issue. You can listen to that HERE (at about 16 minutes in, although the first section is definitely worth listening to as well). At one point I cited a stat I had seen on a wall a couple days earlier. Granted, not the most "scientific" of data sources, but I have no doubt it's pretty close to true. I would have guessed fewer Hondurans get a higher education, actually. I've mostly been thinking about that graffiti series because I like the tactic. Here's the one I was referring to: "Only 15% of young people go to the university."

and another from the same building (someone scratched out the second digit and the noose--and I'm really curious as to the origin of this stat):

...and zoomed out:

Another. "67% of Hondurans survive on less than 40 lempiras per day":