Please support survivors of the Ahuas DEA massacre in their struggle for justice

I can't overstate the importance of this fundraiser on so many levels- from the immediate survival needs of the victims to the larger struggle against the U.S.-led drug war and military occupation of Honduras and Latin America. Please join me in donating now:

BENEFITING: Rights Action
On May 11, 2012 a DEA led drug interdiction went horribly wrong. Near Ahuas, a river town in the Moskitia region of Honduras, security forces opened fire on a passenger boat. A 14 year old model student was killed in front of his mother, along with two single mothers and young father of three. Three others were permanently disabled.

This month, the victims and allies hope to all come together for the first time to advance the campaign to hold the DEA and Honduran authorities accountable. The Moskitia has become a major front in the drug war, so unless there is a just resolution to the Ahuas massacre, many more indigenous Miskitu will wrongly die. With your help and each others support, they will demand peace in their communities. Please make a donation.