Entrevista con Lic. Anibal Duarte

The mayor of Iriona, Aníbal Duarte, was murdered in La Ceiba last Friday. He was a staunch ally of the people in his municipality, and of the First Garifuna Hospital in neighboring Ciriboya. I wrote about his support for our nursing/medical student brigade in January here. His loss is a tragedy for the people of Iriona and of Honduras, and is heartbreaking for me as well. Anthropologist, filmmaker (and my friend and student) Beth Geglia has edited this Spanish-language interview that she carried out with him while filming Revolutionary Medicine in 2011 (her text below):

Aníbal Duarte was the mayor of Iriona, Colón, Honduras, assassinated on May 16, 2014 in a hotel in the city of La Ceiba. He was serving his second term as mayor. Anibal was an important supporter of the First Garifuna Hospital of Honduras, a free health facility established by Garifuna doctors to serve negelcted communities in the region. This is a 10 minute cut of a 25 minute interview conducted in 2011 as part of a documentary about the hospital. We share it in Anibal's memory and send our condolences to his family and to the communities of Iriona.