Diversity, according to Kubiske

Less than a year into the U.S. federal government's foray into *finally* recognizing gay people as human (less so trans people), we're falling over ourselves to use the homophobia and transphobia of other countries (much of it fomented and/or exacerbated through a variety of previous and/or ongoing imperialist interventions) as an excuse for more imperialist intervention. Because saving brown women from brown men is no longer enough for white men (and women--to paraphrase Spivak). Hence, the State Department's sudden celebration of its "diversity." My jaw almost locked at wide-open at this tweet from Ambassador Kubiske. It begins: "U.S. Ambassadors represent the diversity of the U.S. population..." and I'm gonna pause there and let you look at the photo. There it is, the kind of diversity that the U.S. government is built on. But wait, there's more. "These 4 are LGTB!"

Really? The State Department's LGTB poster boys? I don't want to presume or offend (and my sincere apologies to the ambassadors in question if I'm wrong), but I'd be willing to bet cash money that none of these besuited, presumably wealthy white people identify as anything but G. Maaaybe B. And yeah, that's great. The rich white guys representing the United States can now come out of the closet and have their families recognized as legitimate—I'm all for it. But to say that this picture represents the U.S. population's diversity? Speechless.