Pending posts, and a huge thank you

I have been waiting to get some pictures before posting about the last few days of our brigade to Ciriboya. Those posts are still pending. A huge thanks to everyone who donated money, to the UNAH for donating transportation (including Marco Tulio, our wonderful driver), to the people of Ciriboya who opened their homes (and in some cases their veins) to us and the wonderful mayor of Iriona, Aníbal Duarte, for covering hotel costs for the students. We managed to cover all the brigade costs (gas, food, food prep, car rental, etc.) for 30+ people for 9 days, for around 3200 US dollars—just within budget. The students continue to meet, and are planning to organize several events in the coming months here in Tegucigalpa. So to everyone who has supported this effort: THANK YOU.