New construction: First Garifuna Hospital of Honduras

Front view of the whole hospital:

View of the main hallway on the new wing:

View of the same hallway from the other end:

...and the same two first images, labeled so that you can more easily understand the layout of the following images:

This is the view of A (emergency?) from the main hospital porch:

And from the back corner of the parking lot by the front corner of the old hospital (between A and B):

The alleyway between the original hospital and B, the new reception room:

B on the photo above, the new reception room (?):

F on the above photo, the new ultrasound room:

G, x-rays:

H (?):

I (?)

J, the new surgery center, build with reinforced double walls to minimize sound:

to the right of J in the above picture but not visible (behind those tall planks leaning against K) is another room. This is a view of the inside of that room:

K (?)

A couple shots of D (?), the second showing the rooms behind it.

One of the rooms behind D, located where E appears on the above picture

...and that same corner room, E, from the outside