Radio Globo denounces militarization of stations

Radio Globo statement in English (see for more detail):

Radio Globo denounces, that at this time, approximately 6:20am, military authorities arrived, since last night, at the antennas of transmission for Radio Globo and Channel 11, stations which did not submit to the gag order that the TSE (Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal) aims to impose on the country.

Since last night the military have occupied the facilities where the antennas are of transmission of Radio Globo, Globo TV and Channel 11. We can not remain silent against this new attack of the armed forces of Honduras.

A sad reminder of how on June 28, 2009 the military raided facilities, they threw acid, smashed cables and gates to take Radio Globo out of the air.

This is a new attack on freedom of expression and a threat to life. Requests for explanation were made to military spokesmen, but nobody has taken responsibility for the abuse.

We call on the President to intervene, call the head of the Honduran Armed Forces to explain why the radio and television antennas located to the east of the capital have been militarized.