El fraude viene y nadie lo detiene

The above title "Fraud is coming and no one can stop it" comes from a text message sent by a friend yesterday, who added that he said so with great sadness. It's a sentiment I've heard expressed in private many times over the past few days. The public message from all sides is for Hondurans to not be afraid, to go out and vote in massive numbers on Sunday, though LIBRE is specifically calling for voters to vote early in anticipation of "irregularities" (a euphemism everyone understands here to mean things much more dangerous than it sounds).

What has been going on in the past day?

  • Harassment and intimidation of foreign election observers and human rights activists by migration officers in the north of the country
  • Police intimidation and harassment in Resistance-identified sites like the popular "Gabachos" restaurant on the highway to Santa Lucia, where pictures of Ché Guevara and Fidel Castro are proudly displayed on the walls by the restaurant's owner Luis, one of the most friendly and welcoming hosts I've ever met—last night at 1:30am right as Luis was closing, three police cars arrived and heavily armed officers with ski masks on (but pulled up) entered and accused him of allowing weapons in the establishment (a lie) and then searched and took photographs of everyone in the establishment
  • More military police intimidation and attempted forced entry at 10pm at the LIBRE headquarters in the Colonia Kennedy, a LIBRE stronghold (like most poor and working-class neighborhoods in the capital)
  • Suspicious electric blackouts throughout the country
  • Additionally, numerous irregularities have been denounced in the distribution of ballots, which was carried out by the National-Party affiliated military (battalions have appeared in numerous ads for presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernández)
  • ...and much, much more. Listen to Radio Globo for the denuncias (and see the below list, also in Spanish) to keep up to date.

Additionally, torrential rains are predicted for this weekend, especially tomorrow, election day.