Heraldo: LIBRE's hatred for the armed forces puts citizenry in danger

The front-page rhetoric heats up. This is the fair and balanced journalism on the stands this morning:

Libre's [sic] dangerous hatred for the armed forces: National Party campaign head, Oscar Álvarez, fears that this hatred, which is shared by the Pac [sic, Salvador Nasralla's Partido Anti-Corrupción], threatens the citizenry that demands security. Libre [sic] responds that soldiers are not supposed to guard traffic lights but rather borders and national sovereignty.

No time to analyze the whole paper, but it is chock full of "factual" statements about how the population has realized how important it is to have a repressive military police state, for their safety. And about how the healthcare system is broken. Last night I was in the middle of writing an email, and it turned into something of a spontaneous poem. This is how it went:

Two really loud gunshots just went off. Aigoooooo. Another two.
Jesus, another two. They sounded particularly aggressive this time. Not to anthropomorphize gunshots…
I had been wishing I had some serious stimulants to stay up and work tonight, but suddenly I'm wide the fuck awake.
Waiting for more gunshots…
Okay, no more gunshots.
This place is nuts. I need a break, along with this whole country, I think.

I've tried my hand at fieldnotes as poetry before. I think I might return to the form, as mediocre a poet as I may be. Sometimes prose is too hard. In the meantime, I will stand in solidarity with el Heraldo's fictitious version of LIBRE in my disdain—okay, hatred—for (U.S.-funded) militarization.