Some things we should be paying attention to, past 10 days version

  • Too much to say about Trayvon Martin here, and too many people doing a better job than I could for me to add meaningfully. Mostly, get out and fight that shit.
  • Keane Bhatt had a great exchange on AJE's Inside Story Americas the other night with Washington insider, Honduran coup supporter, and all around evil villainess Diana Villers Negroponte. Watch it and read his commentary on his blog at NACLA: On Edward Snowden, UNASUR and Double Standards
  • Belén Fernández, on one of my personal favorite topics at AJE: Death by 'security': Israel's services in Latin America
  • Philip Rizk answers the question Is the Egyptian Revolution Dead? with his customary eloquence and passion.
  • Honduras: presidente del Congreso Juan Hernández quiere crear Policía Militar
    A brief summary [from Greg McCain]: Juan Orlando Hernandez, President of the National Congress and Presidential candidate wants to create a Military Police Squad that would assist the newly created TIGRES (Intelligence Troop and Special Security Response Team). His vision is that there will be a soldier on every city corner and at every intersection in the country. He doesn't say how he will pay for it nor how he will increase the size of the military to accommodate this. Human Rights advocates state that this would be the restart of the Intelligence Battalion 3-16 which was responsible for disappearing and assassinating "suspected communists" in the 1980s. JOH says that it would be a "shock force" to intervene in neighborhoods and districts under criminal control. (of course JOH and his military commanders get to define who the "criminal elements" are)
  • Also, a call to fund Greg McCain's work as a human rights observer. Please, if you have a spare $10 or $100, send it his way. His work in solidarity with the campesinos of the Aguán has been incredibly important.
  • Honduran soldiers, who if Juan Orlando Hernández has his way will soon be taking over many police functions (as noted above), today murdered indigenous Lenca COPINH leader Tomás García and nearly killed his son, pictured below. COPINH has been protesting the usurpation of their land and water and violation of their sovereignty and self-determination, for another dam project. Also today, SOUTHCOM's Joint Task Force-Bravo won a prize from the Honduran military, which it trains and funds, for training and funding it. Below are pictures of the boy nearly killed today by the prizewinners' protegees, from Radio Resistencias host Félix Molina's Facebook feed, which reads:

ANOTHER MILITARY CRIME. Allan García, 17 year-old Lenca boy, was checked in to the Santa Barbara hospital this Monday at 1:00pm, injured by the Honduran military in the community of Río Blanco, Intibucá. The medical diagnosis is that a high-caliber bullet went through his thorax and that he requires urgent medical intervention. He was sent via emergency transfer this afternoon to Hospital Mario Rivas in San Pedro Sula. In the same attack, his father —Tomás García Domínguez, Lenca community organizer—was murdered around noon, also by the army which is guarding the DESA Company of the Chinese state firm SYNOHIDRO, which plans to build a dam on the Gualcarque River against the will of the indigenous community.

OTRO CRIMEN DEL EJÉRCITO. Allan García, niño lenca de 17 años, fue ingresado este lunes a la 1:00 pm en el Hospital de Santa Bárbara, herido por el Ejército hondureño en la comunidad de Río Blanco, Intibucá. El diagnóstico médico dice que una bala de grueso calibre traspasó su tórax y es necesaria una intervención urgente. Fue trasladado de emergencia esta misma tarde al Hospital Mario Rivas de San Pedro Sula. En el mismo ataque, su padre --Tomás García Domínguez, auxiliar comunitario lenca --, fue muerto alrededor del mediodía también por el Ejército que custodia la empresa DESA de la estatal china SYNOHIDRO, que pretende construir una represa sobre el Río Gualcarque, contra la oposición de la comunidad indígena.