Walter Trochez, Presente!

Three years ago today Walter was killed by a U.S.-funded Honduran police death squad. Today, the institutionalization of state-sanctioned homophobic violence has only increased. See, for example, what one of the main supporters and beneficiaries of the coup, televangelist Evelio Reyes, had to say last month about how Christians ought to vote:

"We cannot support immoral, inept and foppish candidates; we reject them and ask real Christians to not vote for homosexuals and lesbians who corrupt the model of God, proper traditions, and who put future generations at risk," shouted Reyes during worship. "No, no, no, in the name of Jesus we reject them, we reject them in the powerful name of Jesus," the evangelical pastor repeated time and again amidst the applause of his congregation.

This came out in Rosenthal's El Tiempo. No condemnation from State authorities, many of whom maintain close ties with Reyes.
The targeting of resistance leaders generally for extrajudicial assassination has not slowed either. That is why, in this context, the celebration and maintenance of his legacy by Walter's friends, people like Erick Martínez, is so important.

Video from APUVIMEH: