Meanwhile, Robert Carmona on the funny farm

Robert Carmona Borjas reared his ugly head again last month, writing an article (or at least allowing it to be published under his name) nearly identical to one published the previous day on Fox Latino by Otto Reich, attacking Yani Rosenthal for getting in the way of their telecom privatization schemes. And certainly there's a lot at stake in telecom in Honduras, which Lobo handed over to the military at the start of his regime. In the past year, US$225 million in private money has been invested in the industry.

Curious indeed that Carmona and Reich would surface again in Honduran politics just before another coup that turns in their favor (Rosenthal's defeat in the primaries with the help of massive fraud that went without a recount thanks to the sacking of four Supreme Court justices yesterday).

Carmona and his imaginary non-profit, the Arcadia Foundation, had disappeared for a while and we'd all wondered what he was up to. Didn't he miss his beloved Honduran blancos? Didn't he miss his friends in Washington? Well, now thanks to our friend Google, we have the answer. He went to Hollywood! Our erstwhile "professor" is now an "actor." A bit actor anyway, in the film "Azienda." He's also trying his hand at modeling. He's a "lifestyle man" model for Bella Agency. It's good to know a golpista can find work (sort of) in between coups.