New political crisis in Honduras

Long story short: following last month's fraud-riddled elections, the National Congress (controlled by the "winning" Charter Cities promoting National Party candidate, golpista Juan Orlando Hernández, Lobo's close ally) kicked out 4 members of the Supreme Court (controlled by the "losing" candidate, golpista Ricardo Álvarez, close ally of Jorge Canahuati and Maduro) in the pre-dawn hours this morning to prevent them from ordering an electoral recount. The military, which is the real power, appears to be backing the winners of this round. LIBRE is keeping mum, because it's the same court that ousted Zelaya and as such illegitimate for totally different reasons than those cited by JOH et al (which of course don't have to do with the threatened recount), so there's no love lost, but the new consolidation of power threatens to ensure a JOH victory next year.

For the long story properly explained see: