Campaigning, Tegucigalpa Style

Of all the things I should be posting on—the incredibly important report released by the True Commission; the new documentary about the Bajo Aguán; New revelations in DEA criminality; and more, somehow, this is what got me back online. National Party candidate Ricardo Álvarez has a new ad out. "Los Jovenes se unen a Salvemos Honduras--No te cambio Papaito"—"The youth have joined the 'Save Honduras' campaign--I wouldn't trade you for another, daddy-oh [sugar daddy? big daddy?]." Yep. It could be argued to be a translation of "oppa" in Gangnam Style (from which the dance and music has been stolen), except for the fact that Álvarez, the golpista mayor of Tegucigalpa with the Orwellian slogan "Primero los Pobres," has independently labeled himself Honduran women's daddy in other ads. And but for that fact that oppa in Korean literally means "older brother" and is used by girls and women to refer to any older boy or man who does not have a more important (or other familial) title in a way that is not inherently sexist and/or sexualizing. Unlike "papayito." The ad also completely misses the fact that Psy's video is satire. So apparently the idea that women vote with their ovaries is not unique to the U.S. Even so, I'm at a loss to understand how Álvarez's campaign managers think this video helps his case. Although, to be fair, they seem to have come to the same conclusion in removing the video from youtube. Thankfully, others reposted in time: