Message from Adrianne Aron: Support Chavelo

Psychologist and writer Adrianne Aron has added her voice to the many calling for justice and freedom for political prisoner Chavelo Morales, about whom I wrote last month. See below, and please sign:


In May 2011, I conducted a psychological evaluation of Jose Isabel "Chavelo" Morales in the rural jail in Honduras where he'd been incarcerated for 2 1/2 years, awaiting trial. Below is some information on his case. When l saw Chavelo he was depressed and had lost more than 50 pounds. He was living in terror of being killed by paid assassins. Nothing in the clinical picture suggested that he might be delusional or that he harbored antisocial impulses. All the evidence suggests that, like thousands of others persecuted by the coup regime, this father of 3 is an innocent victim of injustice. I urge you to sign the petition to the Honduras Supreme Court, and to pass it on to others to sign.

Thank you,
Adrianne Aron, Ph.D.

Petition links:

Above are the links to the Spanish and English versions of the Petition to the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras asking for a retrial/freedom for Chavelo Morales, the Honduran campesino political prisoner from Guadalupe Carney.

In August of this year Chavelo was sentenced to 20 years with absolutely no concrete evidence against him! His lawyers have filed for a retrial and or a nullification of the sentencing. INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE IS NEEDED NOW!!! We need to turn the screws on the Honduran "justice" system to make them take notice that we are watching them closely. Gaining Chavelo's freedom is nothing short of saving his life! He continues to receive threats on his life while in El Porvenir Penitentiary, the sentencing statement says that he can be moved to a maximum security facility anywhere the penal system decides, meaning that Chavelo will have less access to lawyers and to his family. Henry Osorto, the man who has offered to pay prisoners to assassinate Chavelo, is now a high ranking official within the penal system.

Please send these petitions repeatedly to all your social networking friends and contacts.


Another account of Chavelo

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