URGENT ACTION on Vallecito, from OFRANEH

!!! ALERTA !!!
Process of Land Remediation is Renewed on the Garifuna Lands of Vallecito, Colon

As part of the reclamation by the Garifuna people of lands usurped in Vallecito, Colon, last week our organization undertook a cultural and political campaign in the usurped territory, which was met with the constant sound of automatic weapon fire, whose goal was to intimidate and dissuade us on several occasions from the remediation process with the National Agrarian Institute (INA), and that at first this remediation was not done.

Vallecito is in the heart of the coastal strip that the Honduran State plans to hand over to foreign companies under a new Law or Special Regions for Development (RED) or the "Charter Cities."

In a recent dialog with figures of the Lobo Administration, the president committed himself to designate a guard detail to facilitate the remediation of the lands usurped this week, a situation that increases the threats and dangers being faced by members of OFRANEH and other Garifunas who have come to accompany the process of recovering this usurped lands.

Unfortunately, the level of violence that exists in the country and the erosion of a state of law, added to the enormous interest in the Charter City planned on Garifuna territory creates great volatility that puts our lives at risk.

Therefore to those in solidarity with us nationally and internationally, we request:
Demand of the Government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa:

  1. Assure the physical integrity of the director/members of the Iseri Lidawamary and of OFRANEH, as well of other persons who are in the camp in Vallecito. The security for the Garifunas must be guaranteed before, during and after the process of land remediation.
  2. Any action suffered by the Garifunas will be the responsibility of the paid gunmen of Reinaldo Villalobo and of Miguel Facusse, as well as the government itself.
  3. That the process of remediation conclude with the restitution of the lands of the Garifuna cooperatives of Vallecito.

Please communicate, making telephone calls to:
Alternative email for President Pepe Lobo (his phone # below): diceseloalpresidente@presidencia.gob.hn
Ministro del Instituto Nacional Agrario, Sr. Cesar Ham:
+(504)96-69-15-29; 94-55-04-77.
Ministro de la Secretaria de Seguridad, Sr. Pompello Bonilla:
Director General de Policía, Juan Carlos Bonilla: +(504)97-58-17-30.
Vocero de la Policía, Héctor Iván Mejía: +(504)94-62-47-29.
-Ministro de las Etnias, Sr. Luis Green: luisgreen65@yahoo.es
-Fiscalía General de la República, Sr. Luis Alberto Rubí: lrubi@mp.hn
-Ministro del Instituto Nacional Agrario, Sr. Cesar Ham: cham@ina.hn
-Ministra de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, Sra. Ana Pineda:
info@sjdh.gob.hn, i.quintanilla@sjth.gob.hn
- Ministra de las Etnias, Sra. Jany del Cid
Presidente de la República, Porfirio Lobo: +(504)99.90.0878
La Ceiba, Atlantida 4 de septiembre del 2012
Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña, OFRANEH