On right-wing crazies and the corporatocracy

"I would like to point out that Adrienne Pine is not a professor at American University, she is a professor at American University in Cairo (which is not affiliated with The American University). There is a great difference between these two institutions, most notably the quality of faculty, as a graduate of The American University, I am proud to say that, Ms. Pine who grossly misstates the working conditions of employees at Whole Foods, is not nor hopefully ever will be a faculty member of such an esteemed institution of higher learning." -"Ben"

the market is beautiful
and so's my white ass"
-my haiku summing up libertarian summer camp (long story), 2004

It's amazing to me that after a whole summer of very publicly expressing strong opinions about the volatile matter of the Honduran coup, the most virulent attacks on me yet (in my career) have come out of an hour spent protesting against Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and standing up for single payer healthcare yesterday. The above quote is one of the mildest of a slew of reader "comments" in the Washington City Paper and a wingnut libertarian blog. Due to wild misrepresentation in the former, and further skewing in the latter, it was made to appear that my idea of meaningful activism was consumer boycotts, something that couldn't be farther from the truth. I did say that I wasn't going to shop at Whole Foods (not much of a challenge since I only go there once every few months to buy cocoa nibs anyway), but I certainly don't believe that the 50 or so annual bucks they lose from me, or even a collective neoliberal consumer action like a boycott, will have any discernible effect. That said, the larger picture at Whole Foods–one of abhorrent union-busting labor practices, aggressive lobbying against the Employee Free Choice Act, and now lobbying against even the pathetic healthcare reform that's barely on Obama's table–needs to be roundly attacked in any and every possible venue, and cannot be separated from our form of government. Until the corporate state is dealt with, we will never be healthy, and Hondurans will be living under a military dictatorship. Until lobbyists like Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton's former campaign adviser who works for both the Honduran de facto regime and Whole Foods selling their anti-democratic agendas to the corrupt politicians of this town, are forever banned from politics, the multitude doesn't stand a chance.


They are contemplating their fall, Adriana...

Fact is humankind is undergoing a paradigm shift, and all that keeps us in the mud is coming alight, so that we may see it, and get rid of it.

All these barbarians and their corporations, regimes, and dogmas are undergoing destruction at this very moment.

They know this, and they either consciously fight against it, or unconsciously revolve against it, which is what we are witnessing at this point.

Nonetheless, they are beyond redemption, and nothing can save them.

Humankind will cross the threshold, but they won't.

For them, in the words of Hugo Chavez, only the garbage can of history is an option.