A few days of metaphors and mustaches

The columns of the Jehova's Witness Hall were large and imposing, and yet supported absolutely nothing.

I felt like perhaps it was a metaphor for something.

Similarly, I finally managed to take a picture of one of the Hercólubus tags all up and down the highway between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro:

This was the only way I'd remember to look it up. Happily, in finding out the story behind Hercólubus, I also discovered that there is a "Latin American woo scene."

Our biggest concern when we heard about Tito Guillén's wife trying to move a million pesos in a pillow sack was "How will this affect Pepe Lobo's happiness?" Well, we now have the answer:

President Porfirio Lobo said he is not disappointed by what happened to Tito Guillén because he is "vaccinated against depression."

On the bus back from a weekend trip to San Pedro, the Classics bar in Comayagüela was special.

...as was the ad for Liberal party candidate Roger Aguilar: Now it's time for a mustache! [The mustache itself has come to be synonymous with Mel, El Bigotudo]

I tried to meet with someone and failed at the UNAH, but at least I found the hidden L. Ron Hubbard quote (to return to an earlier theme in the post):

Nearby was a graffiti that must have dated to shortly after the coup, "Adios Intur, you won't be back!"

Blocking the road and stopping up traffic for miles back was the most unenthusiastic parade I've perhaps ever seen. I'm not saying people were paid to attend; if they were they should have been paid a little more to look interested in Juan Orlando Hernández, the candidate who is behind both the Tito Guillén phantom money-laundering NGO and the proposed Tigres police force:

My taxi took me in the opposite direction, which is how I know how far traffic was backed up. Just past the embassy I snapped another shot of the graffiti that remains, a testament to the struggle, sacrifice and hope that existed 100 days after, so many hundreds of days since.

In Toncontín the next day El Tigre Bonilla had orchestrated a press event for himself. I first did that cowardly unethical thing of asking someone to take a picture of me.

But with the TV cameras around, I figured there was an open invitation.

Between these two, he smiled and winked at me. I had a shiver of horror. I once said Hugo Llorens had a certain evil charisma (compared with Lisa Kubiske). This guy gives Llorens a run for his money.

There was a helicopter show also, which impressed the kids.