Which solution? State of siege or disarmament?

Honduran golpista media, at it again, asking the standard Honduran golpista poll question, as pioneered here by Abriendo Brecha: "Criminals: Should we bomb them or shoot them?" Here tailored for the case of the Bajo Aguán, where violence against campesinos led by private landholders and the state has intensified in recent weeks to heretofore uncommon levels.

Click the question to see entire thread (as of a couple days ago), excerpts of which appear below:

In your opinion which measure should be applied in the Bajo Aguán: Disarmament or State of Siege? [And for those who don't know anything about the Aguán conflict, the logical fallacy here lies in the fact that the campesinos are by and large unarmed, especially compared with the massive amount of arms controlled by the forces who do the vast majority of the killings in the region: military, police, and private security guards, all in the employ of the owners of ill-gotten lands like US ally and drug trafficker Miguel Facussé]

Misspellings included in my translations:

Eradication. Elimination. Total death. So they learn the very hard way. We nead order.

Kickout the Turks hahahhhahah ["Turk" being a derogatory term for Hondurans of Arab descent]

Bomb the zone with nuclear bombs...

Bomb them so they won't bee pigheaded about what's not theirs. nobody can have anything they want without working for it.. those peeople are criminals dressed up as campesinos but they're paid by the resistance..

First we have to get that big faggot the president pepe bobo [Bobo, "idiot," rhymes with Lobo] cuz he's the one who wants that problem I don't know why but it's him who has been sweeping this leftist problem under the rug and then get rid of that black sow cesar ham and finally beat the crap out of that bunch of drunken alcaholics the campesinos who want everything for free work lazy shits

yes it's that faggot pepe's mess he's the one who wants to have that disorder because hes just like mel zelaya he wants the same as mel disorder so he can give the final blow later faggot of shhit kick him outin a coup too

...and on a similar note, on the front page of El Heraldo(the NYT of Honduras on DEA reporting) the same day were two related items. One, a teaser of the following story claiming that drug flights were down 50% (based on a far-less-that-trutworthy source):

...and another, a "microeditorial" which used that "fact" to laud the DEA:

The reduction by more than 50% of illegal drug trafficking flights following the implementation of Operation Yunque by the United States and Honduras shows that all that was needed to properly combat this scourge was political will and joined forces.

Now that's some unbiased reporting.

Then yesterday, a not-at-all leading question from Abriendo Brecha, during dinner at the Gran Lin-Fa:


If Xiomara Castro is the candidate for five movements and Mel Zelaya is candidate for five movements [within LIBRE] will that be creating a total electoral confusion? [See HCP's article Software Bug Could Eliminate Xiomara as Presidential Candidate for background]

Meanwhile, causing mirth among many within what used to be understood more clearly as the resistance and outraged cries for an end to "corruption" among those who are invested in Honduran state: yesterday's bust of the wife of the minister of finance transporting over a million lempiras (around $51,000—a large number here) cash stuffed in a pillowcase: