Relax, People of La Moskitia

Relax, people of La Moskitia! That drone's not coming after you:

Sunbathers and sailors in the Caribbean who happen to witness a drone overhead might be comforted to know that the surveillance plane is focused elsewhere -- on vessels beneath the water or speeding ahead.

But, people of La Moskitia, if knowing that drones aren't intentionally targeting you (only DEA agents are doing that!) isn't relaxing you quite enough, you could head out to the newly discovered (via rectal extraction from Camilo Atala, whose coup-sponsoring bank FICOHSA promotes this page on fellow oligarch Jorge Canahuati's Heraldo) "Ciudad Blanca." Oh wait...what is that you say? We have an actual archeologist on the line? You're saying the whole "new" Ciudad Blanca discovery is unscientific hype from an illegitimate coup-installed Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History? Well. That's disappointing.

Then, maybe, people of La Moskitia, then you can go relax in the new marine reserve that the Lobo administration just generously provided you. Wait...what's that, OFRANEH? The reserve is just part of an environmental farse, part of a larger green capitalist strategy designed to deprive indigenous Garifuna and Miskitu peoples of their lands and access to water and other resources?

Okay, people of La Moskitia, it looks like all you have left is medication. You say you don't have access to healthcare? But the State Department says:

All Honduran citizens are eligible to receive care through the Honduran public health system.

So, relax. Get somma that great free healthcare and remember: those police, soldiers and DEA agents who killed your neighbors and sons and mothers are there for your security.