The world's most clueless reporting (from the world's most lawless city)

Windbag BBC reporter Stephen Sackur, who did that puff piece on charter cities and went embedded with the Honduran Navy/DEA in the Moskitia, also produced a piece that—despite a hopelessly decontextualized analysis (coup? what coup?)—actually has some good quotes. Sergio Bahr is misidentified as a "Human Rights Campaigner"; he actually works for the government ministry of human rights, which makes his condemnation of the state of affairs even more poignant. Lobo's Chief of Staff Octavio Sánchez admits the government has lost control of some parts of the Honduran territory (in those words). So if you can contain your nausea and get through phrases like "[t]he criminal gang culture fueled by white powder has engulfed the city," there are indeed some useful elements in this otherwise shoddy reporting.



Sergio Bahr no longer works for the government ministry of human rights.