More from the golpista expat & travel mag files

This from an issue of Bay Islands Voice that was picked up at the U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa in July, 2009. While Isy Obed and numerous others were being murdered in the "Bloodless" coup, golpista expats like La Gringuita (and do we have stories about her) were yucking it up (click to see a larger image of the words):

In the same magazine you could also play this fun game, just for kids:

In the same vein of tourist/expat/trivialization, is the truly horrifying spin coming from one Greg Benchwick for Lonely Planet in early 2010. Once again, the old question: evil, or stupid? raises its head. While Bay Island Voice, like so much of what goes on in the Bay Islands in order to create a little fantasy island/Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy for expats, is clearly on the evil side, the Lonely Planet's motives are slightly more well masked. And more dangerous. How many thousands of guileless tourists rely on this as their primary source of information (along with the earlier featured Honduras Tips) as they traipse through the "verdant savannah and jungle of the Moskitia, the lolling Caribbean waters of the Bay Islands and the stifling hot alleyways of the frenetic city centers" reassured that "the people of Honduras will abide."

The book combines pseudo social science language (evoking national character studies; not anything done in the past fifty or so years) with a whimsical take on the coup, which we are to understand was Zelaya's fault, yet (like Obama says), look to the future, not to the past: "But instead of focusing on the bad things of the past, the Honduran people seem to look forward, hoping for small steps toward a better future."

But back to that earlier question, evil or stupid? How about racist?

Meanwhile, in a move reminiscent of Pepe's shark-fin burning in its pathetic absurdity, the Lobo administration recently tried to greenwash all the State (Honduran and U.S.) violence in the Moskitia by making a park:

Declaran la reserva marina a los Cayos Misquitos