Three murders of campesinos in one week

Three campesinos from the Aguán have been murdered in clear targeted assassinations this week by U.S. allies and aid recipients (Facussé, Honduran security forces):

  • Gregorio Chávez was disappeared by Facussé's guards last Monday and found on Friday, tortured and murdered, on Facussé's farm Paso Aguán.
  • Jacobo Erazo Lopez, member of MUCA - Right Bank and of the campesino cooperative La Tranvio of the settlement of La Confianza was murdered in Quebrada de Arena at 5 am today.
  • José Luis Dubón Díaz of MUCA was murdered today in El Progreso on his way to meeting with Cesar Ham [in an earlier version of this post I said he was already in the meeting; that was not true], when he went to buy cigarettes and was shot by three men who had been waiting for him.