Some of the latest on Honduras

  • A good overview on the anniversary: Honduras - three years after the coup by John Perry in Open Democracy, 27 June 2012
  • Another spot-on skewering of NYT's embedded coverage from Kean Bhatt: Honduras: What's in it for the United States?
    in his "Manufacturing Contempt" blog on NACLA, June 25, 2012
  • Bloomberg's Eric Sabo and Adam Williams on June 25 wrote an article titled Honduran Lawmaker Denounces DEA Raid That Killed Drug Suspect. Fighting words from a Miskitu National Party representative:

    “At no time does the DEA or any military force have the right to kill people,” Maylo Wood, a lawmaker with Lobo’s National Party who represents the region in eastern Honduras where the shooting took place, said in a phone interview from Tegucigalpa. “It isn’t acceptable that the military goes in and kills people suspected of being involved in illicit activities without attempting to capture them and following proper legal protocol.”

  • In addition to the cash forked over last week, Roberta Jacobson (who once wrote a paper on liberation theology) is headed to Central America to propose new ways for the US to use SICA to infuse money into murderous Central American militaries and police forces.