Restoring Honduran women's dignity, one panty at a time

Along the lines of Finally! A solution for structural violence and poverty in Honduras, THANK GOD (and of course, it comes in god's name) someone has finally responded to Honduran women's most pressing problem: a shortage of pricey underwear. I'm just not even gonna say anything more about this. Click title for original with pictures and links.

Rogers Teen Collecting Underwear for the Women of Honduras

Seventeen-year old Anna Nielsen is passionate about providing the women of Honduras with dignity by bringing them underwear.
By Samara Postuma 5:55 am

Seventeen year old Anna Nielsen, of Rogers, has a passion for missions. For the last two summers she's gone on short term mission trips to Honduras and she'll be heading back this July.

As a student at Spectrum High School in Elk River, a charter school focused on technology and community interaction, outreach, and service. Each senior must think of, plan, and successfully execute a project reaching to the community.

"I had thought of several different ideas in the planning stage of my project but I always came back to this one because it was where my passion was," Anna said.

Last summer, one of the women she was working with at a clinic informed her and her team that there is a huge need for underwear.

"In Honduras, underwear can cost $2 a pair. That may not seem like a lot to us but could pay for a meal there. When faced with the choice between a meal or underwear, food wins," Anna said.

Anna considers underwear a simple dignity that these women are being deprived of and wants to change it so she set out and started "Anna's Skivvy Drive" and reached out to friends and family to help by donating new underwear.

She started with a goal of collecting 200 pairs. As of June 17, she had 395 pairs so her new goal is 500 pair of underwear before she leaves for Honduras on July 18.

"I am amazed by this young woman’s passion, and I would love for her to reach her goal and go far beyond it," blogger Stacy Bender wrote about Anna's project.

If you are interested in donating new underwear for Anna to bring to Honduras next month, donations can be dropped off at Anna's church NorthRidge Fellowship in Rogers by July 11.