URGENT ACTION: Violent Eviction Ongoing in Cortés (from Karen Spring)

This morning approximately 300-400 military, police and private security guards violently evicted 1,500 families in San Manuel, Cortes. The security forces destroyed the community's food supply including 70 manzanas of corn and their houses. I just spoke with a very panicked campesino leader roughly 30 minutes ago and he said that many are still hidden as the security forces are still on site.

There are detained campesin@s including elderly people and there are people that are injured but no one can seem to confirm how many. It is unclear how many have been detained but from what I have been able to gather, they believe they were taken to the Metropolitana station in San Pedro Sula.

Please call the police station and ask how many are detained, what are the charges, etc. I have been unable to get through as the line is busy but given the urgency of the situation, I thought I would send out the alert.

Metropolitana Police Station in SPS: 2552-3171
Police Operator (Regional but located in SPS): 2556-5188