Sign Academics' Letter on Honduras to Obama and Clinton

Honduran scholars have written a letter to send to Obama and Clinton demanding an end to police and military aid, including training, to Honduras. They also demand that the ongoing presence of U.S. military bases, like the one used in the 2009 military coup, be submitted to a referendum vote by the Honduran people. Before submitting this letter, they are hoping to collect as many signatures from ACADEMICS ONLY (other signature drives for non-academics will be forthcoming)—especially academics who do research related to Latin America or who are themselves Latin American—in support of their demands.

In light of last week's massacre by a DEA-led team of Honduran officers and the current campaign to use that as an excuse to further militarize the Moskitia region, this letter is all the more urgent. Academics only, PLEASE SIGN NOW, and spread the word to your colleagues.