Journalist kidnapped, State and Lobo act concerned

Articles from AFP and EFE highlight the kidnapping of another journalist and the Honduran government's reaction in the wake of Erick Martinez's murder, and the killing of Choloma LIBRE leader Edilberto Zolano. And of so many other human rights violations in recent months—see here for CCR's most recent report on human rights violations (for Feb-March), with a focus on police/military abuses.

Anyway, ambassador Lisa Kubiske got on the bandwagon with tweets calling for the journalist Villatoro's return, and was put in her place by Rodolfo Pastor:


Ambassador Kubiske ‏ @USAmbHonduras
We condemn those trying to control society through #violence against #journalists. It won't work. May #HRN's Villatoro be found safe asap.

and Rodolfo Pastor's two responses:

@USAmbHonduras We are in agreement, but above and beyond a cyber-condemnation, we demand that your government stop supporting this type of violence.

@USAmbHonduras No more U.S. money, training and weapons for repressive police and soldiers who murder the people and collude with criminals.

The ambassador didn't respond, she was too busy praising efforts to find Villatoro to her cronies at State: